What to tell about yourself? 120 interesting topics to tell about yourself…

Tell us something about yourself. How often have you heard this phrase when meeting people, on dates, at parties, in meetings, in job interviews and just when talking?

Revealing some information about yourself can be a great way to break the ice in your communication and get closer. What interesting things can you tell about yourself in a conversation?

How to answer the question: “Tell about yourself”? Sometimes it is confusing when we do not have some interesting blanks and original answers. This question can be asked in real life, over the phone, through social goals, or in private one-on-one.

How to Tell About Yourself?

It is important not only what you say, but also how you do it. Here are a couple of tips on how to do it effectively, beautifully, and interestingly. How to properly talk about yourself, reveal the facets of your life and personality?

  • Speak sincerely and simply, as if communicating with friends.
  • Add a dash of humor or piquancy to your story so it doesn’t feel bland.
  • Be confident and calm.
  • Present yourself in a positive and interesting light, not negative.
  • Do not open up completely, but leave room for riddles and some understatement.
  • Engage in a conversation by asking someone else’s opinion. Ask return questions.
  • Prepare topics for the story about yourself in advance, so as not to hum or blunt.

What’s interesting to tell about yourself? Examples of things to tell

Often we need to give some kind of personal information to others when we are asked to tell about ourselves in communication or initial acquaintance.

What exactly should you tell your girlfriend/boyfriend, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, strangers about yourself?

These questions can be used as topics for an interesting conversation. These examples are suitable for an exciting game in a company and when communicating together.

They allow you to find out and play the game “How well do you know me.” But these topics are just the tip of the iceberg, which is fraught with the opportunity to open up much deeper.

1. A hobby that you will never give up.

2. A funny story from childhood.

3. The most attractive feature available.

4. Favorite family member.

5. The most interesting book, film, magazine, website that has been viewed hundreds of times.

6. The most stressful and dangerous situation in life.

7. Visited countries on travel and adventure.

8. Ability to play a musical instrument or dream of learning.

9. The most incredible stories that happened in life.

10. How you like to have fun and hang out?

11. The presence of scars, tattoos, piercings.

12. Favorite sweets and delicacies that you cannot refuse.

13. How you raise your spirits?

14. What did you dreamt of becoming in life?

15. Why are you studying or working in this area?

16. Nonsense and mistakes committed in life.

17. Drunken stories that occurred under the influence of alcohol.

18. Favorite phrase or quote.

19. Own opinion about events in the world and recent events.

20. Favorite sport that you are fond of and do.

21. Pets and those animals that you just like.

22. Closeness of relationships with relatives, brothers, sisters.

23. How you spend your free time and weekends.

24. A hidden talent that almost no one knows about.

25. Best friend or best friends?

26. The meaning of your surname and the meaning of your name.

27. What exactly is better than other people: abilities, talents, traits, or skills?

28. Opinion about fate, destiny and chances.

29. What do friends think and what others think about you.

30. Next destination for travel.

31. Favorite superhero or fictional character.

32. The most awkward or indecent situation in life.

33. What attracts people the most.

34. What do you usually do in the morning and evening? What routine habits are there?

35. Fights and conflicts in life.

36. The harshest life lesson.

37. What do you want to learn, master and study.

38. What people are surprised at when they learn something about you.

39. Favorite toy or cartoon in childhood.

40. A hobby that makes you happy.

41. Favourite era and country where you would like to live.

42. Who is the person you are most grateful to?

43. The biggest fear in life.

44. The presence of enemy or enemies in life.

45. Favourite subjects at school or university.

46. ​​What is still a shame in life?

47. What shaped you as a person?

48. Favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink.

49. What kind of rest do you like?

50. How easy is it to tempt and seduce? What do you succumb to?

51. Dream job that you dream about.

52. Impulsive and strange behaviour in life.

53. What do you like to fantasize about and what do you imagine?

54. What interesting things have I read, studied or learned?

55. What loved ones used to call you in childhood.

56. What do you like to think about at night and before going to bed?

57. What worries you the most about the future?

58. The hardest times in life.

59. Favourite writer, artist, musician, artist or famous person.

60. What adventures in life have you had or which you still want to make.

61. Famous people with whom you met.

62. Who do you admire the most in life?

63. What compliments do you like to give, and which do you want to receive?

64. Attitude towards religion, belief in miracles and aliens.

65. What people or character traits are annoying?

66. The biggest regret in life.

67. What do you want to give to this world and how to change it. As you wish to be remembered.

68. Plans for further life or next vacation.

69. What do people like physically and psychologically?

70. What is love?

71. Balance of emotions and passions in life.

72. What makes you cry or get upset?

73. What superstitions do you adhere to and perform rituals?

74. The most dramatic turn in life when you started it all over again.

75. How do you keep fit, healthy and athletic?

76. Favourite board or computer game.

77. What do you want to change in yourself? How do you work on it?

78. How would you spend a million dollars?

79. Relationships with children and family. Life guidelines.

80. What can you stake for the sake of dreams and goals?

81. Favourite dish and food. Ability to cook.

82. Opinion of contemporary relationships, families, divorces and problems.

83.How would you spend the last hours of your life?

84. Your most useful and harmful habit.

85. Where do you plan to be and what to achieve in a few years?

87. Reflections about friendship between the opposite sex.

88. What profession would you like to choose if you had a choice?

89. The most valuable advice given or A book that was very relevant.

90. The most boring and funniest things in life.

91. What funny or obscene fantasies do you have?

92. Favourite clothing style.

93. How much can you control your anger and emotions?

94. How would you describe yourself in three words?

95. What are you grateful for in life and for what reasons?

96. What do you want to teach other people?

97. Worst and best period of life. Why do you think so?

98. How do you behave in unpredictable situations and what has already happened?

99. What have you learned from your life or past relationships?

100. What’s interesting to say about yourself? What turns on and excites in an adult way.

101. What do you like in a relationship and what should they be ideally?

102. Strange phobias or strange thoughts.

103. What will happen soon in life? What are you looking forward to?

104. Violations of the law and petty disturbances that you made.

105. Ideal place on the planet.

106. How do you imagine an ideal life?

107. What you don’t like to talk about or you usually lie

108. What makes you feel like a child and plunge into childhood?

109. Do you consider yourself temperamental, passionate and hot?

110. Weirdest lessons learned from life.

111. To make a wish if a star fell from the sky.

112. Opinion about death and soul.

113. What are you ashamed of and what are you proud of?

114. Assessment of yourself by your appearance and character.

115. What wise, absurd, vicious or strange thoughts come to mind.

116. Things that you never get tired of doing.

117. How do you prefer to relieve stress and negative thoughts?

118. What would I do if money was not a problem?

119. What is happiness and life itself?

120. How does the most cherished dream looks like.


So, now you know what to tell about yourself? The most important thing is to present information in such a way that you look better in the eyes of others, not worse.

Don’t be afraid to seem a little weird, but be afraid to seem boring and ordinary. You have a great opportunity to open up to please others.

Tell about yourself in such a way that people think you are an interesting and fun person.

Happy Connecting!

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