Top 10 Zoom Alternatives For Video Calls

The Coronavirus Pandemic has made us realize the importance of technology in helping us stay connected with our loved ones. One of the most dominating names that click our mind, every time we think of Virtual meets is the Zoom app.

The Zoom platform has become known for the convenient organization of video conferencing. With Zoom, you can conduct online lessons, work briefings, friendly gatherings, and much more.

However, this service is not suitable for everyone, for example, because of the confusing interface or for some other reason. Recently, security concerns have compelled people to think of Zoom Analogs. So, in this article, we have listed the Top 10 Zoom alternatives that will just fit your purpose.

They are enough for online work, for conferences, or for simple communication with friends, colleagues, and relatives. Here we go!

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most suitable platforms for video conferencing. Not only can you conduct office meetings, but you can also conduct online lectures for students.

Teams is a product of Microsoft, so it has tight integration with its other services, for example, Microsoft Office or regular Skype. 

It is stated that 10 thousand people can participate in the meeting, which is great! The functions of chat and video conference are very conveniently implemented. Moreover, this is available in the free version of the service.

It is specially designed for teamwork. The barrier of distance should not hinder the path of progress!  

The developers have paid special attention to data protection and usability. You can attend all your meetings without worrying about data loss.

Google Hangouts

Another popular alternative to Zoom is Google Hangouts. It works on the web, Android OS, iOS, and Chrome. Google Hangouts allows you to connect with up to 250 participants at a time, thus making your huge conferences easy!

Additionally, it offers the option of screen sharing and file transfer. Thus, you can share your views with the audience with the help of presentations.

The audience volume for a live broadcast can reach 100,000 people. The paid version has the ability to record. A free conference is available for up to 10 people.

One of the perks of using Google Hangouts is that you can link your Gmail and calendars, which is convenient for scheduling a meeting. Also, no additional activations are required if you have a Google account.

Google Meet

Google is not only a search engine, it supports a huge number of services, including for communication. 

Google Meet lets you schedule and host online video meetings. It is suitable for remote learning, for business negotiations, and for friendly gatherings. 

You don’t need to install anything to use the service, it works directly from the browser. You don’t need a Google account either. It is enough to follow the special link and start communicating. However, if you want to install the app, then you can download it through the “Play Store” or the “App Store”.

BlueJeans Meeting

Is Blue Jeans the jeans that allow you to conduct meetings? KIDDING!

BlueJeans is another great Zoom Alternative. It is a great platform that offers plenty of features for large online meetings. You can record the meetings and keep them for further reference, or you can convert them into chapters and then share them with people.

If you have security concerns, then BlueJeans is just for you. It provides you with an extremely secure environment where you need not worry about data loss!

BlueJeans comes with paid versions in which it offers a Standard plan of unlimited meetings for up to 50 participants. Additionally, custom enterprise plans allow online gathering of around 100 users.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting allows you to conduct secure meetings for up to 100 people. Participants are not bound to register or sign up to join a meeting. They can easily join the meeting through the invitation link.

It offers a plethora of features like: screen sharing, call recording and moderation. For example, you can mute the participants to prevent unwanted disturbances.

So, if you are looking for a worth trying Zoom Alternative, then Zoho Meeting is the right pick!

Cisco Webex Meetings

Another option worth trying on the list is Cisco Webex Meetings. It is one of the most dominating competitors in the market.

It proffers a variety of features that help you conduct your meetings smoothly. You will get an option for screen sharing where you can share your presentations with the audience.

It supports 10 languages including Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. Thus, you can connect with a vast multitude of people around the world.

GoTo Meeting

GoToMeeting is another solution if geographical barriers are posing problems in connecting with people. It makes online meetings simple and easy. A variety of features are there to make sure you don’t face any problem.

Some of the most attractive features include: personal meeting room, screen sharing, calendar integrations, unlimited recording, video slides, an admin center, downloadable reports and much more!

You can include participants from all over the world and can organize regular meetings. If you are looking for a great ZOOM Alternative, you are in the right place!

Team Viewer

Team Viewer is one of the most popular platforms for conducting online meetings. You can add a lot of participants who can join with a single click.

Face to Face Conversations are now made easier with Team Viewer!

You can conduct meetings with a large audience by sitting on your couch, what could be more amazing that this?

TeamViewer offers various features like recording the meeting for future reference, file sharing, exchanging documents, etc. It provides a secure environment where you can control the participants joining your meeting. You can remove or add participants as per your whims. is another reliable option that you can try. Its easy-to-use interface has made it a superb platform for online meetings and video calls.

Its stunning features make the meetings even more engaging. You can add up to 250 participants at a time. One of the best things about is that there are no time limits. So it is up to you for how long you want the meeting to continue without getting charged extra.

Talking of its plan and pricing, it starts from $10, $20 and $30. offers premium features that make it one of the most convenient platforms to choose!


 Last but not least, Skype is one of the best Zoom Alternatives if you want to switch to something different. Skype offers screen sharing, making your meetings much simpler. 

For many users, the program is somewhat more convenient due to its laconic interface. Moreover, Skype has been working since 2013, so it is known to almost all people who have a computer or laptop.

You can call another person literally in two clicks, and then add other participants to the conversation. So the program is more suitable for friendly conversations and online lessons, where a high degree of interactivity is not needed.

What else do you need!


This is all about the best Zoom Alternatives for video calls. Go through a bunch of options that I have listed for you and find the most appropriate alternative for you. Don’t let the distances impair your connectivity with people.

Why worry when you are just one click away from your people? Stay Connected!

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