Top 10 Apps For College Students

All university students know that studying requires perseverance and concentration, as well as a good dose of commitment. 

To face the challenges of a university degree course, we have a series of technological tools and devices, some of which have become indispensable. Among these, some apps for smartphones and tablets can be particularly useful.

After all, those who choose an online university know well how e-learning technologies facilitate access to content and distance learning. 

To improve productivity, digital devices, and the thousands of applications available come to our aid, which helps us in the many activities to be carried out every day.

Whether it’s time management or spreadsheets, each application can be exploited to the fullest and be effective in achieving your study or work goals. We, therefore, offer you a selection of the Top 10 apps for college students.


Duolingo is a great application, and a worth trying option for college students. It is a language learning app that turns language learning into a fun game. If you are looking to learn Spanish, German, Portuguese, or even English, this app has it all.

You can set a daily goal ranging from five to twenty minutes. The app is intuitive and useful. And the great thing is that it’s totally free.


Well, everyone of us commits grammatical errors. Grammarly is a very useful app to use while typing. You can use it to correct your grammar, spelling and punctuation. 

It can be used on any application, from e-mail to drafting projects, to messages on social networks.


Evernote helps students to take notes in different formats (text, sketches, photos, audio, video, pdf, web clippings). 

It also allows the scanning of documents through the smartphone camera. You must try this amazing application to maintain your notes nicely.

Google sheets

Google Sheets is used to create and edit spreadsheets in a simple and intuitive way. This allows the integration of graphics and file sharing.


myHomework is one of the best apps for college students. It is available for Android and iOS. It helps students improve the way they organize their studies, thus helping them improve their studies.


Wikipedia certainly needs no introduction! The universal and free encyclopedia was founded with the purpose of educating and being accessible to anyone in the world. 

As a student, taking a look at Wikipedia from time to time might make it easier for you.

Flash My Brain

Flash My Brain is a very special software that makes learning through “cards” useful and fun. The teaching process of this app will help you learn things faster and comprehensively.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a practical, essential, and functional application for college students. You can insert collaborators, labels, synchronize with Google drive and you can even insert reminders.

Google Drive

It is another must-have app for college students. Google Drive can be used for free Google Cloud storage. It is a very handy app that will help you keep your documents organized. You can easily share your documents with your classmates.


There are always security concerns when you are away from your loved ones. Smartwatcher, helps you to stay safe as you can connect with your family and friends and let them know you are walking home from college.


This is all about the 10 best apps for college students that will surely transform your learning process. These apps are useful as they allow you to organize commitments, notes, learn while having fun and much more.

 Of course, they do not replace the time that any student must, in any case, devote independently to study, but in many cases, they become allied applications that contribute to the success of the course of study.

Happy Learning!

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