Ideas for Working from Home for Mothers with Small Children

Work from home can be a solution for many mothers.

In fact, we are always conflicted about when to go back to work and with whom to leave the children?

Mothers are destined to live gripped by feelings of guilt: while you are at home it seems you do not contribute financially to the family, while you are at work you think you are distorted mothers who leave their babies with a babysitter or in a kindergarten .

Work from home for mothers could be the ideal solution when you have young children. 

There are many opportunities to earn a salary from home or just to supplement.

On this page, we have collected 15 ideas for earning from home for all mothers looking to combine work and family.

Earn money online

With the internet, earning opportunities have grown. A little inventiveness and the desire to try out new tools are enough to start monetizing your passion or ability. Here are some ideas for making money online

Online activities to do in your little free time

. Making money with surveys

 Paid surveys are a great way to start making money online quickly and easily. 

In fact, you just need to sign up for free on the sites and respond to the tests that will be submitted to you by email. Each will recognise points that you can then exchange for gift vouchers or money on your PayPal account.

Here is the list of the best:

  • Nielsen Panel
  • Opinion Centre
  • Survey Ready
  • Global Test Market
  • My Survey
  • GFK Eurisko
  • Green Panthera

I recommend that you subscribe to as many of these sites over time so you will be able to understand how to best organize yourself to respond promptly to surveys and earn more. 

2. Earning with trading

We are talking about online trading and therefore investments that can be risky, but consider the free time you have to learn a new way of making money… There are now many trading platforms that offer online free courses and DEMO accounts to put into practice what you have learned without risking any of your real money until you feel ready.

3. Earn money with translations

 If you know a language well, you can earn money as a translator. How do you get started? It’s easier than you think, in fact, there are many brokerage services online that connect supply and demand. 

4. Making money with writing

If you have a passion for writing, then you can offer yourself as a copywriter. If you want to start but don’t have a background yet, you can subscribe to a marketplace of columnists, among the many TextMasters.

5. Earn money with photography

 If you have a passion for photography, you can monetize your skills. Try to create photographs that may be of interest to editorial and advertising newspapers, they will certainly be downloaded more frequently. The more downloaded images, the more you will earn.

6. Earn money with drawing

 In this case, there is a dedicated Istockphoto marketplace. Here you can create an account and post illustrations.

Activities that can become a real job

7. Open a blog

With WordPress you can open a blog without special investments. The expected costs are related to the purchase of the domain and the web space.

 Once you have a good number of readers, you can insert banners with the Adsense Circuit. This is a Google service that will use your blog to insert banners and will recognize you as a profit for each click.

8. Open an online shop

If you have a friend who owns a shop, you can agree with him to expand his online business. On eBay you can open e-commerce without huge investments, recognising a fee on sales and with a monthly subscription.

9. Create and sell objects

 If you have manual skills and can create jewellery, clothes, or other accessories you can start selling them. Etsy is a marketplace dedicated to artisans and allows you to easily sell your creations.

10. Open a Youtube channel 

If you know how to do something particularly well, from cooking to creating hairstyles, you can make video tutorials and upload them to YouTube. If your channel is visited by many users, you can also earn money by placing advertisements in this case.

11. Start a consulting business

 You can use the knowledge gained in old jobs to propose yourself as a freelance consultant. In this case, you decide the times, hours, and place of work.

Working from home without internet

12.  Offer yourself as a seamstress

 If you have good dexterity, you can also propose yourself to local shops for repairs and embroidery. Usually laundry and clothing stores are looking for someone who can make minor repairs

13 . Offer yourself as a cook

 Propose yourself as a cook, instead of going to the gastronomy your acquaintances could order you specialties

14. Open a nursery 

You are mothers and while you look at your children you could also dedicate yourself to other children directly in your home. 

15. Open a music / dance school

 If you know an instrument or know how to dance, you can make a home environment available to create a school. You can make yourself known by creating paper ads or online.


This is all about the best Work from home For Mothers. If you’re looking for a new job or a way to supplement your family income, don’t hold back. It is simpler than you think.

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