How to Prepare For Your Exams In 7 Days?

Are you looking for a “secret” technique to prepare for your exams in 7 days? I have made a real action plan for you to study for an exam quickly.

Tell the truth, in a previous session of university exams you have already found yourself with water in your throat and little time to prepare for an exam, swearing to yourself that next time you would have studied in time!

But you are here again, a few days before the exam with still so much, if not everything, to do. 

Don’t lose heart because all is not lost, in fact, there is still a lot you can do in the next 7 days.

In this guide, I will give you a path to follow that goes from creating your study program, to how to deal with it day after day.

Having said that, now let’s focus on our goal which is to prepare your next exam in 7 days ! Let’s go…

How to prepare for exams in 7 days? Apply the right Study Method

Let’s jump to process…

1. Go in search of the answers

 Find an answer to the questions most frequently asked by the professor during the exam.

So, if your daily goal is 140 pages, you won’t have to study them all, but read them quickly for answers to the questions you’ve collected.

 When you find them, underline the paragraphs that talk about them. Highlight the keywords that remind you of the concept… and that’s it.

2. Study in cycles

Even if you are attempting the “mission impossible” of preparing for an exam in a week, remember that you won’t have to go through a maddened and desperate 10-hour study without ever lifting your head from the books. You will get a bad result.

So remember this formula:

  • 40 minutes of study
  • 10-minute break
  • 10 minutes of review of what you have studied in the previous 40 minutes, using only the keywords.

3. Make your mind maps

To be able to memorize in a clear, precise, and indelible way what you are studying you will have to apply the right memory techniques.

I advise you to use mind maps for memorizing concepts.

When to make them?

 At the end of the study day! 

That’s right, after reading the 140 pages, take a good hour off and think about having fun. Then reopen the book, retrieve the parts you have previously highlighted, and according to them create your mind maps.

Think that, while creating a mind map, you memorize about 60/70% more of what you would store simply by reading and studying the same information in an ordinary way.

Reward yourself at the end of each day

We are at the end of the day. Did you read your 140 pages, underline the answers to the questions, and finally created your mind maps? 


 The time has come to reward yourself. Yes, this is the right time to do it, not just when you pass the exam.

Remember what I told you about following your daily goals and not just thinking about passing the exam? 

Here, your success, in the end, will also depend on the small rewards you grant yourself along the way .

So, if during your study day you have met your requirements, put a nice green check on the plan and then decide how to reward yourself.

Do you want ideas?

  1. A movie night with friends
  2. A pizza with friends
  3. An evening at the Play or doing a sport you like

Remember that you don’t need huge expenses. Just do something you like by dedicating yourself 110% to leisure, without thinking about what you have studied.

The next day, review what you have studied

I will not go so far with scientific studies, because if you are here to read this article you already have little time, right ?

 Suffice it to say that without reviewing what you have studied, within 24 hours you will forget more than 50% of the information, and within 48 hours you will exceed 70%.

It has to be a mental review, so not word for word. To give you an idea, 8 hours of study should be completed in about 45 minutes, maximum one hour.

The most important secret to preparing for an exam in 7 days? Find yourself an adventure companion!

If I were there with you now, I would look you in the eye and say “This is the fundamental advice, follow it, respect it and you will see what results it will give you!”

We are social beings and our nature leads us to try to deal with difficult situations as a group. Now, an exam can often be a difficult situation and it’s best to never feel alone!

You need to know that you are not alone in fighting, that you are not alone in struggling, that you are not alone in feeling fear and moving forward anyway. This will make a big difference!

Then find a partner (serious though, who wants to do it) and together with him face the preparation of this exam.

You will not have to stay stuck all the time…

It will then be essential to use the sixth day to work together on the review.

Organize a nice session during which you will ask each other questions and make sure that the answers are what you understand best about the subject.


Well, you now have a complete battle plan. Time is running out, but now you have a strategy that will allow you to drastically decrease the number of study hours needed to prepare for your next exam.

I am here, so do not hesitate to make yourself heard in the comments for any need!

There is definitely another student out there who doesn’t know how to prepare for an exam in 7 days. You can help him by letting him know about this guide. 

Happy Learning!

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