How To Make Money Online In 2021

Well, in today’s competitive world, where everyone wants heaps of money, the internet has made it easy for you!

Our timetable is not important to make money online, there are no age or time limits: a computer and an internet connection are enough to get you some huge bucks.

When you think of ways to make money online you might have thought of all possible ideas like we can start by creating a website, use Facebook, Youtube, or other social networks.

Here is a twist: Your work will be aimed at a medium or long-term perspective with very high economic results. We only need a little imagination and a bit of luck.

Let’s get started! Below are the best ways by which you can make money online and make a decent living out of it.

1-Paid Surveys

Paid surveys have been an online business for a long time now.

These are essentially the companies that offer surveys on the internet usually on behalf of large companies: market surveys aimed at consumers aimed at knowing the tastes and preferences and habits of ordinary people.

Precisely for this reason, it is not necessary to have any particular skills, on the contrary, you can have an ordinary life to be able to participate in paid surveys and earn from home with your laptop.

At this point, it is necessary to register on the online portal and fill in a very short form with your personal data, answer a few questions about your habits and lifestyle, and you are done!

Now how much can you earn? With paid online survey sites, revenues vary from portal to portal, but indicatively they depend on the number of questions and answers we have compiled.

2-Create a blog

Earlier it was quite difficult to create a blog, but today creating a blog or a website is within everyone’s reach: no special skills are needed, just have an idea and there you go! Let’s see how it works.

Creating a blog to make money from home is a task for which you will have to wait some time before seeing concrete results. Depending on the success of our blog, I am talking about weeks, months or even years.

A blog can be monetized by advertising, affiliate marketing, or by selling information products. Most marketers assure that affiliate marketing is the most convenient since you get higher economic returns.

3- Earn money online with Facebook

Facebook, a social network with over 2 billion subscribers, can easily be leveraged to make money online from home.

The most used methods on the internet to make money with Facebook are affiliate marketing, the sale of infoproducts and the publication of sponsored posts.

Affiliations in particular is a great method, but obviously, your Facebook page must have many contacts and be able to divert them in the direction you have chosen.

How does it work? It’s quite simple: you have to sign up for an affiliate program or network, and publish the best offers on your page (including a link), so that our audience makes a purchase starting from the link you have proposed.

You will earn a percentage of the value of the product sold.

4- Make Money with Instagram

The concept is very simple and it goes something like this: the more active followers, the more you earn.

You can create your online presence by publishing interesting content, and once you have gathered a considerable number of active followers (numbers difficult to quantify, it depends on the sector of reference) you can earn by sharing sponsored posts of some brands, with affiliate programs, selling a product or service ourselves, or your photographs directly.

The first step, therefore, is to become an influencer or character with a solid reputation in a certain field, and from there wait to be contacted by some brand or do it ourselves.

5- Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

I have already mentioned this before. Affiliate marketing is a very useful tool, if you have decided to make money.

I am talking about promotional campaigns based on a mass of web traffic that you are going to generate to exploit it economically, becoming a partner of a company that sells products and precisely uses the popularity of your channels for advertising.

To simplify it, let’s take a practical example: You have a Youtube channel or a Facebook page with a large following – we talk about thousands of likes, and then affiliate with a company that sells shoes. Yes, you got me right!

In the content, you will insert the advertisement for the shoes of the company, and for each pair of shoes sold, you will get a percentage.

To have good results you will have to manage a channel followed by a very high number of users. The three best channels to work with are Youtube, a website, or a Facebook page.

6-Freelance Writing

A very popular job on the web is freelance writing.

On the web we find many sites, for example Fiverr, which act as intermediaries between writers and companies that need articles.

In these sites, we can create a profile and propose ourselves as writers or copywriters, for example, enter a price according to the number of words and delivery durations, and we will be contacted directly by the clients for the work.

7- Becoming a Freelancer Photographer

One of the best ways to make money online is to turn our passion into a real job.

 Nothing could be easier: if, for example, you have a passion for photography, you can become a freelance photographer and sell your shots to the portals that offer this service.

With the internet, especially with advertising on social networks, images are in great demand: you can try your hands at everyday objects or landscapes, approach a niche sector to specialize or continue with the shots that you are most passionate about: The possibilities are endless!

8-Earn money online with YouTube

Sometimes you don’t need special attitudes, just be nice, funny people, and that’s it. YouTube gives you that platform to make money by being the real you!

But let’s see in detail how to start working with YouTube.

How does it work?

Very simple: You have to create a Youtube channel and upload your videos, reach an important number of views and ask for a partnership with Google through the advertising service of the American giant, with Google AdSense.

This way you will turn the views into cash. Enthusiasm is contagious!

9- Selling an e-book

Writing, publishing, and selling an ebook can be one way to give an opportunity to your talent.

Precisely for this reason, there are specialized portals that offer aspiring writers the opportunity to publish an ebook and sell it online.

They are real marketplaces that offer the possibility of taking care of every detail of your book, whether it is fiction, biographies, manuals, or non-fiction.

In addition to the satisfaction of seeing your work available to everyone and the thrill of checking the number of copies purchased every day, for each copy sold you will get some decent bucks.

Why not give it a try?

Let’s get those novels out of the drawer and give them a chance.

10-Online Coaching

Each of us has a specialisation in something, even if sometimes we are not aware of it.

Well, coaching means just that, helping people improve, and we can do it from home.

Common to all online coaches is the fact that a computer and an internet connection are enough.

If we have the desire to help others and have good communication skills, then we can start making money immediately by transmitting our knowledge to all the people who need help to improve themselves or to get out of a situation.


So, this is all about the best ways to make money online in 2021. What are you waiting for? Just activate your website, Facebook page, or YouTube channel to create contacts and get ready to fill your pockets with economic returns. Happy Earning!

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