How To Make Perfect Notes for Study?

At this point, you will be ready to take your notes.  You have to avoid making one of the biggest mistakes students usually run into: turning yourself into a stenographer.  Remember that you are not a tape recorder and your job is not to faithfully transcribe what the professor says word for word.  Contrary to what you might … Read more

How to Prepare For Your Exams In 7 Days?

Are you looking for a “secret” technique to prepare for your exams in 7 days? I have made a real action plan for you to study for an exam quickly. Tell the truth, in a previous session of university exams you have already found yourself with water in your throat and little time to prepare for an … Read more

Top 10 Apps For College Students

All university students know that studying requires perseverance and concentration, as well as a good dose of commitment.  To face the challenges of a university degree course, we have a series of technological tools and devices, some of which have become indispensable. Among these, some apps for smartphones and tablets can be particularly useful. After all, those who choose an … Read more

How To Make Money Online In 2021

Well, in today’s competitive world, where everyone wants heaps of money, the internet has made it easy for you! Our timetable is not important to make money online, there are no age or time limits: a computer and an internet connection are enough to get you some huge bucks. When you think of ways to … Read more