150+ Best Questions To Ask a Girl

Silence, awkward conversations, and uninteresting topics. Such communications and dating can hardly be called successful when it looks more like a failure.

How to communicate with a girl, build a dialogue and conduct a conversation? Girls want an exciting and entertaining conversation, and this requires interesting questions.

What to ask a girl to make a vivid impression and fall in love with yourself? Silence is gold, but it is the only gold that girls don’t like. Girls love with their ears, and for this one should learn to have an entertaining conversation.

How to communicate with a beauty to make her worry, worry, blush, think, feel, remember and feel? Girls love good conversations, interesting conversations and unusual questions.

To do this, you should entertain the girl with conversations and not let her get bored. Girls always easily come across interesting and attentive interlocutors, because such men are quite rare.

First of all, you should think about what questions the girl is interested in. What does she want to tell, what to share and what to tell? Questions should be asked that are unusual, interesting, funny, vulgar, and entertaining.

A long conversation with a girl always leads to the fact that you fall in love with each other. With a good conversation, the girlfriend becomes more affectionate, kind, pliable, gentle, and loving.

Here’s a list of interesting and heartfelt conversations. These questions help you get to know each other better and have fun. These questions can be asked during correspondence via the Internet, by phone, or during a real meeting.

The questions are just initial clues that help develop the conversation more deeply on their basis. Save a list of topics for conversation with the girl. You will definitely need it when you get bored. Examples of questions for a girl that will allow you to conduct conversations on long evenings and nights.

Here we go!

1. What always makes you smile and laugh? 

2. What part of the body you receive compliments most often?

3. Do you believe in fate and that everything is a foregone conclusion?

4. What is the most daring thing in your life?

5. How often have you broken hearts for guys?

6. Do you kiss deliciously? How can you prove it? 

7. What is it like to be the most beautiful girl in the world?

8. Do you have any unusual talents and skills?

9. Are you a bad girl or a good girl? To be honest? 

10. What have you never told other people about? 

11. What are your favourite hobbies and interests?

12. What are the most difficult decisions you have ever made in your life?

13. What was the last time that made you laugh until stomach cramps?

14. What strange thoughts sometimes come to mind?

15. Do you have a tattoo? Where would you like to fill?

16. How do you like to relax in the evening after school or work? 

17. What qualities do you look for in your soulmate? 

18. Do you follow the advice of your mind or heart? 

19. What job would you choose now if you could change the past? 

20. What extreme sports have you tried or dreamt of? 

21. What kind of music makes you drop everything and start dancing instantly? 

22. If there was only one year left to live, what would she do?

23. Will you kiss me right now? 

24. Did you get involved in fights and how often? 

25. What kind of underwear are you wearing? Will you show it?

26. What’s the weirdest, ridiculous, or wicked gift you’ve ever received?

27. What did you give strange, what was then ashamed of?

28. Do you have enemies and who are these people? 

29. What’s your most common nightmare? 

30. Do you have a card? I got lost in your beautiful eyes.

31. What would you change in yourself if you had the opportunity? 

32. What are your three weaknesses and vulnerabilities?

33. Do you have something that you do all the time, but others almost never do? 

34. Are you a member of any secret organisation or movement? 

35. How do you prefer to relax: sea, mountains, sights, shopping? 

36. When was the last time you cried and what caused the tears?

37. What are you dreaming about, but can’t decide? 

38. What is the most important thing in a relationship between a man and a woman? 

39. How is your relationship with your family and loved ones? 

40. Have you ever made love on the phone, but on the intercom? 

41. Can we hang out all night? 

42. What is the coolest and brightest day this year?

 43. Do you like noisy parties, parties and entertainment?

 44. ​​What always ends badly? 

45. Who is your best friend or girlfriend?

 46. What does your ideal date look like?

47. Does horoscope sign suit you? Do you believe in horoscope compatibility?

48. How many children do you want to have? 49. Who is your favorite actor, singer, or a star?

50. Do you believe people by default or don’t you?

51. What part of your body are you most proud of?

52. What will the world and civilization look like in 100 years?

53. Are you a morning person or an owl?

54. How do you want to see your future relationship?

55. Do you like your name? What would you like to have the second?

56. What are you so bad at that you are afraid to admit?

57. How do you prefer to restore strength and psychological health?

58. Are you engaged in self-improvement and how?

59. What kind of animal would you like to be in another life?

60. Have you changed a lot from school or university?

61. Would you like to know your future?

62. What famous person would you like to start a family or date with?

63. Do you believe in magic, miracles, religion or witchcraft?

64. Favorite food, sweetness, fruit, vegetable, drink?

65. What skills would you like to have and what talents to have?

66. Who would you work in a circus?

67. Where do you prefer to go with friends to relax and have fun?

68. Do you like to drive and what kind of cars do you prefer?

69 . What things can make you happy?

70. Looks most like your mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather or neighbour?

71. What is your plan for the weekend?

72. Will you always work in this profession?

73. Did you slap a man in the face? Did they beat you?

74. How do you manage to look so great?

75. What superpower would you like to have?

76. To make a wish for a goldfish? What three wishes would they be?

77. The weirdest people you know?

78. What have you learned in recent years, but did not know how before?

79. What gift do you dream about the most?

80. Are you naturally beautiful or is this your achievement?

81. What do you dislike most in people? What are the qualities and character traits?

82. With whom do you usually consult and discuss matters?

83. What did your parents call you in childhood? What are friends called?

84. Are you the prettiest of your girlfriends?

85. What advice would you give me?

86. Are you a good person?

87. Do you want to kiss me?

88. What is the longest relationship you’ve had?

89. Did you take part in any competitions or contests?

90. In what three words would your best friends, parents or grandmothers on the bench describe you?

91. Favorite time of the day and year?

92. What interesting question would you like to ask me?

93. Have you ever spied on naked people?

94. Do you have a list of countries you want to visit?

95. What are the most dramatic events in your life?

96. Do you imagine men without clothes when you see them on the street?

97. What spontaneous and crazy thing did you do?

98. Are you a good cook or not?

99. What are your plans for the next 10 years?

100. Do you like to kiss in public?

 101. What happened in life that you still can’t believe? 

102. What mistakes do guys usually make in relationships? 

103. What kind of alcohol do you choose and prefer to drink? 

104. How many times did you start living anew and what preceded it?

 105. What are you usually silent about and what do you want to say by this? How to work on a relationship? Relationships will fall apart without work

 106. What’s your favorite movie or TV show? 

107. Why are there so many partings and divorces now? 

108. What do you think and can say about love?

 109. Are you a good friend? Would you be friends with yourself? 

110. Could you get married of convenience?

 111. What do you want to do with me? 

112. Do you like a calm relationship or a hot one? 

113. What do the man of your dreams and your ideal look like? 

114. Do you like it when they look at you openly and intently?

115. Did you break the law or did you do anything criminal? 

116. What would you like to do if you stopped being afraid? 

117. Is it better to be beautiful and poor, or ugly and rich? 

118. How often will we make love in a relationship? 

119. What do you have to do, but you do not like it? 

120. How do you feel about childfree and other newfangled relationships?

 121. What advice would you give yourself? 

122. What animals do you like the most?

 123. What is your favorite story or memories? 

124. What movie, cartoon, or fairy tale character do you look like? 

125. Is it hard for you to admit mistakes or apologize? 

126. What is the normal age difference in a relationship?

 127. Do you leave the house without underwear? Today? 

128. What is the most wonderful and exciting journey? 

129. What traditions do you and your family have? 

130. Are you sweet or tart? 

131. Which meeting changed your life forever?

 132. Do you like planning or do you prefer improvisation? 

133. Could stir up with a sugar daddy or someone else for money?

 134. What would you do first if you were a man?

 135. What places would you like to travel to?

 136. Do you like touch and tactile sensations? 

137. What do you usually lie to other people about?

138. What can you tell us about your childhood? 

139. The most difficult moment in your life, what did you have to go through? 

140. Do you envy someone? 

141. Would you be able to survive in prison, in war or in the apocalypse?

142. Do you like to dance when no one sees?

 143. Do you have plush or other toys in bed? 

144. How creative are you? 

145. Is a big city or a province better?

 146. Do you feel comfortable without clothes? 

147. Did you steal apples in childhood or climb construction sites?

 148. What song do you hum most often to yourself? 

149. How many times did you start life anew and for what reason was it?

 150. Do you like surprises and do you arrange them yourself? 

151. How much has your life changed over the last year? 

152. How did you first taste your first alcohol or smoke?

 153. What addictions do you have? 

154. Would you quit your job for a dream?

 155. Do you like to be in the spotlight?

 156. Have you ever been caught in an unusual situation?

 157. How has your point of view changed over the years? 

158. Do you keep old things and how sentimental are you?

 159. Do you prefer politeness or sharp honesty? 

160. How do you usually seduce guys? Show me? 

161. What’s the best and worst part of being a girl? A guy?

 162. When are you planning to get married? 

163. Do you wink at yourself in the mirror? 

164. Are you a conflict person and how do you behave in such a situation? 

165. What taboos and prohibitions do you dream of breaking? 

166. What was your favourite toy and game as a child? 

167. What can you teach me? 

168. What scars do you have and how did you get them?

 169. What did you do well, but people did not appreciate it? 

170. What do you usually look for on the Internet? 

171. What do you need to say to make you kiss me?


So, this is all about the best questions to ask a girl. Just give it a read and get ready for some interesting time with your girl. Let me know about your experience in the comments below.

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